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I highly recommend each of us start our day like this at least once in our lives. Perhaps rather than a board you’ll choose a row boat but you should get out on the ocean for Gods morning light show. You won’t regret it because the wonder and majesty of the moment will last your whole day through.

Sunrise on my board

While most were fast asleep
I paddled out to waters deep
Before the sun began to shine
I made this day mine all mine
Laying, resting on my board

From my back where I did lay
Waiting for sunrise, first light of day
Light cracks the darkness
On the horizon, God’s an artist
Missing this day I can’t afford

The sun is coming and day is here
Night sky parts to skies so clear
Cloudless sky and sun lips kissed
A perfect day with a twist
Laying, resting upon my board

I greet the sun in waters deep
Cast the seeds this day I reap
God’s goodness in mornings greet
A day of spender, my father’s treat
A day complete with sunlight’s sword

Sun light dancing on water’s top
This day, this love can never stop
Closer and closer to me drawn
Closer and closer kissed by dawn
A day of days, one more to hoard

I watch as day light touches land
Twinkle and sparkle upon the sand
Sitting and watching the sun at my back
Watching in wonder as day light I track
This day reminds me I am adored

The wonders of creation abound
They are here, there and all around
Day break is always such a sight
It reminders to me of my Gods Might
My soul this morning on daylight soared

To any who haven’t paddled out in the wee hours of the morning to catch a sunrise it’s perhaps the most incredible sight. For me surfing and the ocean are my theatre of God. I can see him, smell him, embrace everything he has made. And it seems they are made just for me.

When I catch that wave that first moment as the ride begins I can almost hear him. I hear him tell me I made these for you and I’m glad you enjoy them. The fresh air in my lungs tells me of his hugs, the sun his kiss and the water his love carring me through life. Surfing is more than sport it’s a magical moment to commune with my creator.

The other great moment I can touch God is sunrise. That one moment as night gives way to day. The sun dancing on the horizon and slowly creeping in to kiss my lips and it makes love to my eyes. That tantalizing moment as first light warms your skin with its embrace. The moment you try in vane to breath in the sunlight.

Combine these two moments and this is the result. An orgy of the senses as the might of God overwhelms everything before you. The ecstasy of creation itself unfolds in mere minutes and the call to the new day arrives. Gods light kisses your flesh and his winds whisper your name. As you lay and enjoy the moment you can’t help but stare in awe of his vast and good creation.

My board is my instrument of worship, the ocean and sun is my temple. Sunrise worship at this temple is by far the most incredible and rewarding worships of my short life. If only more days of worship could be found but perhaps the limited quantity makes them all the more special.

Thank you heavenly father for service this day.

~Michelle Styles – March 12, 2014