Deep within a sleeping giant, stumbles to her feet
Standing now in stark surprise, she and I compete
Decisions made in times long gone, her voice is now replete
Changing music for the dance, another song and beat
The giant is awake, so kindly take your seat
She not the nicest person, you ever got to meet
She speaks softly, don’t make her repeat
So listen carefully, you’re in for a treat
She slumber and slept, her life yet complete
Waking and walking, on life’s main street
Words of wisdom, covered and sweet
Package in love, and wrapped so neat
Fight when you must, there’s no shame in retreat
Speaking truth, no mind for deceit
Act with kindness, and never mistreat
These words a moral, sealed in concrete
Back to slumber, saved words or delete
She sleeps known, imparted words upon your receipt

~Michelle Styles – March 2014