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Today more stupidity.

Today we’ll talk about an article “Why Good Girls Have Become As Extinct As Unicorns”. The full text can be found here if you want to read something that will make you want to throw up.

First let’s tackle the obvious. Unicorns are fictional they NEVER existed to become extinct. But this guy is probably not smart enough to know that to begin with. It’s odd that he doesn’t know the word extinct. The next thing you know he might learn something but maybe I’m not holding my breath.

Now on to the meat of the article. This article presented all men as shallow, egotistical, assholes. I can tell you that’s not the case with ALL men only little boys like the author. The notion that “all” men cheat and “all” men are so insecure they can’t handle a girl who has a sexual past is asinine.

The issue isn’t about a womans self-respect or lack of it. The issue is about others dictating what self-respect looks like. The author of this article would be pleased to know in many Arab countries he would be stoned to death for premarital sex and his lack of self-respect. Yes I can say he lacks self-respect because he seems himself as a shallow, sex hungry cheater.

The real problem I see is a society that tolerates seeing a woman (a human being) a an object they can possess. Ideas like this guys should have died with the cave man.

Another problem with the author is he wants to lecture on “moral” grounds how women have lost all respect and morals. The last I knew morals were gender blind. If a woman who sleeps around has lost her morals what’s that say about the author of this post? Oh wait he enjoys his own double standard.

The entire premise of this article suggests men have never had morals. They are, have been and forever will be animals and nothing more. Any man who reads this and isn’t also insulted honestly they need to reread it. If I suggested all men were nothing but shallow children and animals incapable of anything but base emotion I’m sure you’d be offended. That is exactly what this guy did.

I find the entire premise of this article insulting for both sexes.

Another thing that bothered me is his pedophilic idea that he should sequester a five year old and keep her pure until he was ready to settle down. Sorry buddy even a five year old girl is smarter than you so she wouldn’t be intellectually stimulated by you. Also didn’t some creep named Castro in Chicago already try just that idea.

Yeah worked out so well for him. I hope his cell mate bubba knocks all his teeth out so he can’t bite during his repeated oral raping.

The sounds of the article is the author is afraid someone before him would have been bigger below the belt or a better lover. He seems worried he can’t please a real woman and has to rely on her total lack of sexual experience to prove how good he is. My bet he’s a virgin and over compensating for his limited intellect and ugly personality. He’s pretending he’s had so many women when in reality it was his right hand all the time and he cheats on his right with the left.

The author seems confused about pictures and nudity vs real people and differing morals. In Sweden for instance nudity is common place on tv and media where they would see our violent shows as morally wrong. In parts of this world nudity isn’t permitted at all. In parts of this world drinking a beer is morally wrong.

See morals vary place to place, religion to religion, person to person. I was unaware anyone elected or appointed a moral pope.

I will close with this you attract what you project. If you are a male who sleeps around you will never find a “good girl true virgin looking for marriage and commitment” because you project the opposite. Sorry enough ranting for now. If you want to be offended male or female go read this article otherwise I’d pass.

~Michelle Styles – March 4, 2014