100th post

I guess this is fitting for my 100th post. It’s been a week of note. I was reaffirmed whom my captains were during a recent trial. I discovered even doctors can be foolish. So much these past few days has come clearer for me. My church upon the sand and waves called to me.

Let’s start from the beginning. Friday I had a day off from work for an extended visit with my doctor. He wanted to try some hypnotherapy and regression. They asked me to relive the worst day of my life in a controlled hypnotic state.

They seemed surprised when I reacted under hypnosis with such anger, passion and aggression. My question to the highly educated doctors is what else would you expect. On that day I was in a fight for my life. Perhaps the fight OF my life.

My understanding is under hypnosis everything is made real again, the pain, the distress, it’s all vivid and real again. If that’s so how could they expect anything less than me to fight for my life again? So I learned even doctors need to keep learning.

They also seemed to forget I read lips. Stepping out the door and talking did no good I know what was said. More proof the doctors need to keep learning.

I guess during the regression I reacted violently and fought. I guess restraining me made it worse. But then again they restrained me that day also. It’s odd I don’t remember the regression session at all. What I know of it was from reading lips and peeking at medical notes when people weren’t looking.

I spent the last two days in a psych ward under “observation”. They said I had a Psychotic break. I think I just reacted in a way they fully should have expected and since they didn’t they had to give it a name.

In the ward I couldn’t have pens, pencils, computers, phones nothing. Good thing I could have friends and visitors any time. It’s now I realize who my captains are and they were all confirmed. Visits, E-mails, texts, messages and blog posts from my captains.

It’s odd I got out and all I wanted to do was commune with God on the waves.

That’s enough for now more later.

~Michelle Styles – March 2, 2014