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I know people are thinking Nero??

Let me explain. Nero was used for two reason the primary was simply the illustration of someone who danced while Rome actually burned not because he was crazy, praise worthy, innocent or any reason except the littoral illustration.

That being the main reason we could also site it as the times when our own actions set our Rome ablaze. Our mistakes are teaching moments and though we set Rome on fire ourselves it can be rebuilt.

One more small point of confusion.

The other message that gets confused a little is who rebuilds your Rome God or you. Well God our father in heaven gave us his creative gifts. Now can we make planets? No. But can we by using his tools affect our reality. We have built an image of our world inside our minds. That is your Rome.

When it crumbles your choices will affect how far it falls. Your creative vision is affected by attitude and faith. You must use your tools (Gods gifts) to rebuild your Rome. So who rebuilds Rome? You do. Because God gave you the foundation and all the tools.

Does this mean he won’t, can’t or doesn’t help? No. It means your hands have to be willing to do the design but he is there doing much of the heavy lifting. He won’t leave you alone. He can’t do it for you. He doesn’t leave it dust when you set your mind to the task of rebuilding it.

See he wants us whole but there is only so much he can do. So its a team effort. You have all the tools, he gave you the mental bulldozers, the fork lifts, cranes, everything you need to build it. He can and does help but he won’t do it for you. You can’t be lazy in rebuilding Rome. You have to have a personal stake in it, you need blood, sweat, tears and vision as well.

He likes watching us create be it on paper or in our minds. Its one of the greatest gifts imparted to us. The ability to create from ourselves works of art even when the rest of the world never see like your Rome.

So dance when your Rome burns.

By your mistake or through no fault of your own. Perhaps you needed a new pantheon (safe place of worship in your mind) or Colosseum (theater), senate building (for making laws in your own life a moral structure), whatever it is. Maybe your Rome needed more or something new. This is not a time to cry.

Its a time to dance because your Rome will rise from ash and in the end will be your new vision of your city within. It can’t be crumbled beyond the foundation though things in this life can crumble it to the foundation. My foundation is where God started. That can’t be destroyed even.

The buildings may crumble and fall, the walls and city maybe raised to the ground. But the ground will always be there and always be fertile because that is the part God built before I was born. Nothing can take that from me ever, and nothing can destroy that ever.

So I will dance as Rome burns because it’s a chance to rebuild. A chance to learn and be creative in the reconstruction. It’s a chance to work hand in hand with my father and that alone is cause to celebrate. The chance to use my most precious gift and create something.

~Michelle Styles