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Prolog: This is a continuation of the weekend January 4th to the 7th for Sarah’s birthday. This is the last day found here: https://aghostdancer.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/from-sunrise-to-sunrise-day-two-aboard-the-love-boat/ There were other days posted before this one but this was To be continued so here it is the continuation and conclusion to that weekend.

It is racey and a little graphic though not obscene. I spent time to remove the X rating it would have gotten and keep it PG-13ish. I won’t give you every detail and I’d rather leave something to your imaginations. So without delaying you longer I give you part two.

From sunrise to sunrise day two aboard the love boat part 2

By the moon light we traveled to Miami. To a quiet place near the docks but still off shore. As I steer Sarah sits and keeps me company. Her naked body catches rays of the moon and visions of her loveliness linger a moment longer. Every now and then she’d extend her leg and trace her toes along my hip and begging me to weigh anchor and sit with her.

Tempting invitation but we need to be close enough that in the morning we can rise, clean and dock. The breeze was nice against my naked body and she seemed to enjoy the view from her seat. Every time she would touch my leg I’d glance over and see her enjoying herself as she let her hands wander her magnificent body. She’d lick her lips when she knew I was watching and with a finger gesture me over.

With her advances ignored she became more aggressive. She stands and walks up behind me and presses herself against me from behind, her hands wander along my stomach and upwards cupping me before she bites my neck and shoulder tenderly. “Damn” I think she makes my knees weak but I have to get us to safe port to weigh anchor. Her nibbles get harder and turn to full on love bites in an attempt to get me to stop now.

My pheromones were in full on overdrive as she teased me with her tender touch. Her breasts against my back and her lips and teeth upon my flesh as she held my breasts in her hands. As if this distraction isn’t enough?

She slyly slipped around in front of me and presses against me, kissing me full on the lips….I can’t see where I’m going! Her hands run down my stomach and along my sides, her eyes beg me to stop and devote my full attention to her as a grin I’ve known so well crosses her face. I squirmed doing my best to see and drive the boat despite her attempts to distract me. Somehow I stayed focused on the task.

I know it’s not easy seeing around a beautiful naked woman. Especially one who is also kissing you at the time. A welcome distraction on most occasions but tonight. Argh! “Focus Michelle almost there about an hour”, I tell myself.

I could see tonight would be amorous indeed. She’s not going to make this easy it seems as she began kissing my neck, my collar bone and slowly working down as she nibbled and peered up at me. I felt her familiar touch as fingers explored my body like uncharted territory. My knees got weak and I wanted to stop and enjoy this moment. I wanted to lay back and enjoy her attention and affections but I had to press on.

Her pleasure assault continued until finally we stopped at a good spot to weigh anchor for the night. By the time I dropped anchor at our familiar spot I’d endured nearly ninety minutes of torture from her. I was very, very willing now to join her but suddenly she wanted wine, fruits and crackers. Grrrrrr!

“I’m ready to go!” I thought to myself but this weekend is all about her so wine it is. She went to the cooler and got the wine and fruits and crackers for our snack. She tossed a blanket on the deck and placed our snack in the middle. Returning she got glasses and poured wine into both glasses. With a mischievous grin she leaned in and kissed me asking if I could taste the sweetness still lingering on her lips.

I nodded yes and smiled. She had that twinkle in her eye I knew. The spark of life I loved so much and that mischievous smirk that says “We’re taking things real slow tonight”. “Damn I’m in trouble tonight”, I thought. No sleep for the wicked I guess.

She strolled out onto the deck and sat on the blanket watching the moon. Her face shown in the moonlight and I thought to myself “What a beautiful creature she is indeed”. Before joining her I turned on my implants to hear the ocean and her sweet voice. Or was it a sirens song calling me to my doom! With the look she gave me and that smirk I didn’t care I just wanted to be close to her.

Then I strolled over to where she was and facing her I sat before her. Her eyes meet mine and I saw in them love, acceptance and understanding. I tried my best to reflect all that and more through my eyes. Not sure what she saw though I hope she sees it every time she looks into mine.

We spent the next few hours sitting naked face to face and belly to belly her legs wrapped over mine and around my waist. We feed each other crackers, strawberries, blueberries, banana slices, apple slices, and wine. Lots of wine.. Sampling the flavors from the others lips after each bite and each sip. We giggled and talked and ate and drank for what seemed only minutes as hours past.

I can’t say dropping fruit wasn’t fun we made each other find it without hands when we did. She seemed to drop a lot that night. Can’t say the exploration wasn’t fun though. The evening was a perfect 80 degrees as we sat on deck beneath the stars. I remember thinking “What a light show God provided that night. It seemed made just for the two of us”.

I can’t say how many strawberries or blueberries she dropped and ate off my stomach but I can say they colored me red and blue. I kind of wish we had whipped cream that could have been fun!

When the wine and fruit were gone I leaned in pushing her back and lying on top of her. Her legs around my waist I kissed her and traced I love you on her sides and stomach. She was the one squirming now! I probably had the “You made me wait this long now it’s my turn” look in my eyes by now.

We made love on the deck until she fell asleep. Every touch is a heaven of its own making, a soft caress to tracing the flesh and every moment a joy of equal event. Her scent an intoxication and tonight accented by the salty fresh air of the ocean. Her touch is always warm and tonight cooled by the breeze. Her lips lingered with the sweet taste of strawberries enhanced by our previous snacks. Her soft sounds joined in harmony by the oceans song. Perfection!

After she fell asleep I sat watching her and smiling to myself. I couldn’t help but think how that lovely creature laying there loves me. She really loves me. I watched as the moonlight licked her body and remembered so many memories of this night I shall cherish forever. I could still taste her and smell her on me. I felt her touch linger long after her hands stopped for the night.

It was magical to take so much time to just enjoy the company of the woman you love. She gave me a present that night, the presence of herself. She showed me by example her love and devotion. She was truly present with me and we made each other the only thing in the world that matters at the moment.

Day light breaks.

I got another blanket from the cabin and covered her with it as the sun began to rise and I let her sleep. I went about collecting our things, packing what I could, stripping the bed linen and towels to be cleaned and made the bed with fresh linen. I picked up the trash, and did all the dishes.

As she began to stir I made what remained of breakfast for us some eggs and toast was all we had left in the fridge. I thought to myself “We ate all that food!” When I finished cooking I brought our food out and sat next to her and we ate in the morning light together. I remember thinking how lovey she was wrapped in that blanket as the sun kissed her skin and the wind blew in her hair.

Forgetting I was still naked and not caring when she reminded me. I still had strawberry and blueberry stains on my stomach from the night before (I was an all American girl red, white and blue) so I took a dip in the ocean to wash off after breakfast.

Sarah had chosen the shower and hot water. Whimp!

When my swim and ocean bath was done I dried off and put on my bikini and guided the ship to port. When we docked about ten thirty and we cleaned what was left to clean on the boat and topped it off with fuel, brought her dad the keys and thanked him with a hug before heading home.

Her dad didn’t even need to ask how “So dear how was the weekend?” I’m sure he saw in his daughters face the wonders and majesty that was our weekend at sea. I’m sure he could see in my face as well the incredible weekend we had.

Have I mentioned how awesome my in-laws are? Well they are great people.

That was our final night aboard the love boat. It was a weekend full of touch, of smell and of taste. A weekend of making love with every ounce of ourselves. A weekend of holding hands, soft touches, little glances, moments spent, and of beauty and time, a weekend of ecstasy. It was a weekend of sensations new and old, of love and life.

I can’t help but thank my heavenly father for sending me Sarah and love. For this perfect weekend and the beauty he provided in the sunrises, sunsets, evening stars and all the wonders of his creation as the perfect back drop. It was and will forever be a weekend etched in my memory and spent with the woman of my fantasies, my dreams and my life.

Michelle Styles – February 25, 2014

I hope to never forget her touch, her smell, her smile, her laugh, her voice, her eyes, her heart or her love. I have and will always hold them dear. Thank you lover for the best weekend ever and for loving me as I am without conditions and restraints. You are the most amazing woman in the world. I wished this weekend never had to end. I hope your birthday was as special for you as it was for me. I would die a thousand deaths before seeing just a single tear of sadness in your eyes. I hope you know just how much I love you.