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Fair, a word I hear to often. Lucky is another that makes me cringe.

I hear so many people complain how unfair life is. How they had all the tough breaks. How they weren’t born lucky like so and so. How hard their life is. They sit and cry about things they have the power to change.

I was always taught life is what you make it. I was told how easy I have it in life. Easy? Wow really now you say easy? I told them my mother and father didn’t pay for my college I did. My parents didn’t pay for my house I did. I earned it and I paid for it. I choose to make something better for myself and I did. But was it easy?

She said yeah but you’re so pretty so you made lots of money stripping. See but was it luck or did I use what tools I had? Wow that changes the whole picture. I didn’t strip because I was desperate for money or because I had a mouth to feed or drugs to buy. I stripped hoping to make enough for college.

What happened when it was way more than I needed for college did I blow it on useless trinkets? No I saved and bought a house, cars, paid off my long term girlfriend’s debt, saved some. See another choice that when made smartly set me in a better position.

I saved every dime I didn’t NEED for college. So if it wasn’t books, food, classes, dorm it didn’t get spent. Though I bought a car to make it easier to see my girlfriend, get back and forth to work and have some mobility. Another choice.

Everything in my life I can control I do. I take full responsibility for my retirement and have been saving 15% of every dime since I started working into 401ks and IRAs. I’ve further saved 20% or more for a rainy day. But those are more choices. I choose to save and live on what is left rather than live on credit cards or build other debt. I choose to save so I have and I choose to live on what’s left over after saving.

I say life is fair as long as we live. We wake, we have a bright new day to seize and make our own. That day is full of choices and those choices will determine your luck for the day and the future. Are there things we can’t avoid? Yes there certainly are.

I had no control of being raped, you have no control of cancer and life changing illness. Our choices that we can make will prepare us for future trials. My financial planning has set me up for weathering financial storms. All our choices set us up to weather life’s storms.

Am I in shape because I got lucky or does my active always on the go life style have something to do with that too? Again a choice to get out and move, to live life on the move have something to do with that too. I like to think it’s healthy eating and healthy choices that keep me in tip top shape. It’s the surfing, running, volleyball, walking, bicycling, swimming, dancing and soccer and not luck.

So rather than seeing someone else as lucky maybe ask yourself what choices they made different than your own that has lead them to where they are today. Look inside and honestly ask yourself what choices have I made that brought me to here for ill or gain. Choices lead to mistakes sure and mistakes lead to wisdom and knowledge if we let them.

Luck has little to do with a person where careful planning and choices are made success will follow. Was I born lucky or did I make choices which lead me to my current life? I think I made wise choices and luck had little to do with anything.

Michelle Styles – February 24, 2014