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What makes a gift a gift and not a present and what makes a present a present AND a gift?

Do you know why it’s called a gift or a present?

A present is presented directly to the person(s) you’re giving it to. A gift is giving something you own but not in a way that presents it to the recipient. Basically if you mail a birthday gift to someone vs handing the birthday girl her present directly. See the present was presented to the recipient.

The gift of the present!

That is why today is called the present. It’s been presented to you as gods gift. It’s wrapped in the morning sun, and sealed with fresh air. The bow on top? Sure god never misses a trick it’s that lovely kiss, that smell that fills the senses.

As we wake we begin to unwrap his present and it continues until we lay our heads upon the pillow and our dreams come. What a great gift don’t you think? A gift that is presented by god himself and lasts until the next one arrives. Each new gift is unique and blessed with love and the hopes and wishes of a father.

Just think how much your heavenly father loves you. He gives you a new gift each day. For me that is more than 10,850 gifts that were presented to me in person. 10,850 presents! Who else in your life has given you so much?

I’m still waiting….. OK we can agree no one! No one else in your life ever greets you daily and carefully wraps a present for you as he does. No one else waits patiently as we unwrap the entire present until it’s last morsel.

Dear heavenly father,
Thank you for another gift that you presented to me personally this morning.
Thank you for making it last the entire day before I know the fullness of your present.
Thank you for walking with me as I relish every tear of your wrapping and like a kid in a candy store await the moment I taste and smell the last morsel of your wondrous gift that is my present.
Thank you for your smile and the morning kiss to wake your daughter.
Thank you for another blessed day and your presence in it.
Thank you for the air in my lungs a reminded you are with me even now enjoying me opening your present.
I’ve nothing but my thank you to give as my present to you please accept my gift with as much joy as I accept yours.

~Michelle Styles –February 18, 2014