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I’m not big on valentine’s day. I know, I know. What’s wrong with you!

I guess it seems odd to me that you need to set aside a day for romance. What about the other 364 days? Why can’t any day of the year be valentine’s day? Are men or women so awful they need a holiday to remind them “Hey you have someone special pay attention to them”.

That is one of a million reasons. Another would be since it’s expected the price of all those “romantic” gifts sky rockets. Want flowers for valentine’s day? Be ready to spend three times as much for them as any other day of the year (Except mother’s day they jack them then too.). Personally save your money and get me flowers on three separate days for the same money. Three times the enjoyment for the same cost.

Today shouldn’t be about the tacky teddy bears, chocolate and flowers. It’s supposed to be about the love people share. Can’t you show your love without overpriced stuff? I mean really look her in the eyes and say take a load off I’m cooking tonight. Buy everything you need ahead of time. Candles, food, music selections whatever you need to plan that special time. A friend of mine called this dating in.

See it’s not about the money, it’s not about kissing her in public, it shouldn’t be about finally remembering to be romantic. It’s a celebration of us, of love. It’s something that should be an everyday thing without the need of a holiday to tell you to. It’s not about money, it’s about quality time.

I see so many people out kissing none stop today. You think it’s the only day they ever see their significant other. Don’t get me wrong I kiss those I love in public but today just seems so in your face. Like everyone has to prove to the world see I do love him or her! What about the other 364 days in the year?

Prove to me you love me daily not once a year.

Maybe my view of valentine’s day is tilted by my past. Sarah is and always has been my first love. After we started secretly dating I had tried suicide. My attempt left me in a hospital bed for a long time and unable to walk and care for myself for a long time. Our first valentines was spent me in bed unable to sit without help, emaciated because I was bed ridden and I’d lost so much weight I was so weak.

I hated the fact I could barely stroke her hair with my fingers. I hated I couldn’t sit and barely muster enough strength to return her loving kisses. I swore that day to myself I’d spend the rest of our lives showing her daily my love. At just 15 years of age I know love wasn’t once a year it was all year.

To me the holiday seems like an excuse for the other 364 days that you forgot to remind them how special they are. I hope both Sarah and TJ know my feelings daily, even hourly or minutely. I would be remise as a lover and partner should I need some day once a year to tell me to remind them of that.

The idea of celebrating love isn’t new or unique. Many cultures have celebrated love. What seems unique is in todays world we’re so busy we need to be reminded of the love in our life? That’s a sad indictment on today and society in general. I won’t be charged with such shallowness. I won’t Sercombe to such a fate.

I hate valentine’s day and I’m proud. I celebrate my loves every moment and with every breathe. I don’t need to show you or the world that love but I make no excuses either. If you don’t like me kissing TJ or Sarah or both on any given day at any moment then my advice don’t look. I don’t need today to remind me, TV commercials, over priced flowers or chocolates or teddy bears.

I just need you to look into my eyes and tell me you love me, you will always love me! And do it every day you draw breathe and I will do the same. Get me a gift of flowers or chocolate just because not because it’s expected on a particular day and I will do the same all year long so long as we three shall live.

I leartned long ago love lives or dies in the moment not just one day a year.

Valentine’s day != For_Me

~Michelle Styles – February 14, 2014