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Restless sleep so a walk was in order. To the ocean!

I sit upon darkened beach a breeze in my face or fresh salty air. Inhaling deeply to capture for the briefest moment its tantalizing fragrance. It’ll be gone in a moment though it’s just another breath away. I watch as waves flow to sandy shore and perfect clean water break on sparkling white sand. I can’t help but wonder if heaven has such sights.

The moon in the sky and an empty beach my solace and peace. In the moment I live and forget the troubles of sleep. For a moment the sights and sounds titillate and dance within sight. The curves of nature more arousing to the senses and beacons restful bliss. A few steps away a warm bed and the woman I love wait for my return.

But I’m unable to break myself away. And moments turned into hours until sunrise calls. Time to return to work and the day begins though paradise beacons to heel.

~Michelle Styles

A short post I never posted from Hawaii. Basically one of many journal entries the world generally doesn’t see save a select few.I write something daily often more than once a day and have been for fifteen years. A rare glimpse inside my journal is yours this day.