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This weeks topic forgiveness. Why because I’ve been struggling with it and what better way to define what to expect than to define by example what it truly is. Look for more Friday or Saturday after my visit with the man I need to forgive. Now onto the post today.

Forgiveness is ______ part 2

In the days preceding today I’ve been ill. I know I will not face this man in person. But what will he say, what will he do. All questions whirling around and I won’t have my answers for several more days. So I figured I’d write more on what forgiveness is.

Today’s word for forgiveness is powerful. Ok I’ll explain I guess.

Forgiveness is powerful. It’s powerful because it works to both lift up the one who is forgiving and place them on a path to shed the hate, anger and hurt. It is the only force known to mankind as powerful as love. In a way forgiveness and love are husband and wife. You can’t love and not forgive. We all make mistakes and sooner or later we’re the ones in need of the forgiveness.

If you love then you must also forgive. In the forgiving we find a center, a peace of mind, a place of safety and joy. Without it we remain shackled to the hurt unable to press forward and unable to live the life we deserve.

It’s powerful for the forgiven weather they know it or not. It frees them of the shame of that which needs to be forgiven. This freedom allows for change and the change is where the power comes in. The forgiven is given another chance to do the right thing next time.

Anyone who thinks a clean second chance to change isn’t powerful well my friend you’ve got other issues. That second chance is something deserved and earned. It’s earned by the faith of the one forgiving. The faith you will use the second chance wisely and will endeavor to be a better person. It’s deserved because we ourselves have each been given second chances.

Looking backwards on my life to a day when Sarah found me near death because of my cutting I realize the second chance she gave me. The faith she put in me and though I slipped she continued to give me a second chance. Second chances even after the hospitalizations and psychiatric wards, the addiction centers and counseling.

Second you say but didn’t you mess up over and over after that second chance? Yes I messed up over and over. Each time she gave me a second chance. Why second and not third or fourth? Because she put enough faith in me to cross out on my chalkboard of mistakes the last second chance. She loved me enough to forgive my poor judgment, my addiction.

See a clean second chance. I’ve needed forgiveness and love in my life. I know the one I forgive this week deserves forgiveness as well. He deserves his mistake crossed out as mine have been. A clean second chance.

My job once the forgiving is done? Nothing because there is nothing left to do. I can finally close the book on this one and hope the sequel is a good one. Here is my dream for his sequel.

I hope he becomes a pastor and continues his prison ministries. God knows how much he is needed in prison to those who are hopeless. I hope he helps others with their GED because knowledge and education can change lives. I hope he brings god to those willing to hear his word. Maybe he will save a few lives and bring some forgiveness when it’s his turn to forgive. I hope he uses this second chance well. That is my dream for him and I pray it comes to life.

I’ve learned these years on earth. That great things can come from the worst of mankind and great men can arise where the worst man once stood. Perhaps this is one of those moments where the worst man can become something more, something great and good. If that’s not powerful nothing is worthy of the word. Second chances are a time for change, the best time for it.

I’ve learned the power of forgiveness and though at the time didn’t know exactly what it was. I still knew it’s power and the clean second chance it gave. Today it’s my turn and as much as I’ve needed it in the past today it’s my turn to do the forgiving.

Forgiveness is powerful enough to heal the broken no matter the pain. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, but it’s powerful.

Anger, hate, evil, and pain can only be defeated with forgiveness and love. Short of these two healing things they can be silenced in the moment but never truly defeated.

~Michelle Styles – February 4, 2014