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From sunrise to sunrise day two aboard the love boat

Sunrise behind us it was time for today’s adventure. Time for the rest of her birthday day.

All ashore who’s going to shore!

We docked in key largo and our day on the island begins. A day of shopping and food but first it’s nearing noon so time to have the picnic lunch I prepared. Nothing extravagant. Sandwiches, chilled wine, cheese, crackers and fresh fruits. A beautiful sandy beach and fair weather of 83 degrees. How perfect could that be?

After our lunch I packed the blanket and tossed the trash and we headed for some shopping. While Sarah did a little painting. The myriad of shops and the smells of baked goods greeted our senses.

Another night just we two.

Another night spent starring into the most perfect eyes I’ve ever seen and seeing love in their reflection. It started with a game of chess (I let her win). Some conversation about love, our future, family and TJ. Plans to marry in the future a nontraditional marriage.

We’re all in agreement for a Lakota wedding. Under the moon and sealed with blood. Woman, man and woman joined as one spirit under the sky of the creator. This is still a ways off but we discussed he needs a name before the tribe will allow a marriage. I wonder just what they’ll name him?

Sitting on deck hand in hand dreaming while looking at the moon. We reflected on our past and how far we’ve come together. It’s been a ride for sure. We sat face to face and she traced my scars. She called them the testament to my survival and said they are my story. Trying as it’s been she still sees beauty beneath the scars. She opened my shirt and traced the scar on my stomach and asked me to stop playing Spartacus.

You’d have to read the post but I cut myself before a parole hearing and made sure it would bleed good. By the time it came for me to speak the blood had soaked my shoe. The horror on the interpreters face said all I wanted said. At the end I tore open my shirt and showed them my cut. I made sure the parole board knew my pain as a bloody hand print before the parolee and bloody shoe prints as I left the room. They knew my pain!

Unfortunately so did those who love me. But that cut lead to my path of healing. That day began the real path to my current journey. I showed the world I am not afraid anymore. The little deaf girl discovered her voice.

It was time to retire to our cabin where Sarah traced each scar and kissed them recalling some and how scared she was for me. This took most of the night I’ve to many scars to count. Most only visible upon close inspection and some stand out even in the dark to the touch. It was nice she took the time to read the story of me and to kiss my past all better.

The rest of the night isn’t for sharing.

The second morning together.

Morning comes and I didn’t feel her get out of bed. I was awakened by the smell of French toast and the touch of her lips upon mine as her finger traced my thigh. My back arched and I opened my eyes to see the vision of loveliness as she sat upright her fingers still tracing my thigh and along my hip as she says I made you breakfast in bed.

As I looked to the bedside she brought in two plates with red, white and blue french toast. For those not in the know that’s french toast with strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream. It was then I realized she was still naked too as she climbed back into bed.

Taking a plate and giving it to me she then took hers and we sat still naked and ate our food in bed. While we ate we talked and she thanked me for such a special birthday. That is how morning to started with the vision of loveliness, good food and pleasant conversation. What more could any ask for a morning than to be awakened by the woman they love in such a pleasant and passionate way, then be served breakfast and excellent discourse to start your morning?

The entire weekend has been a blessing and spent with excellent company. From the moment this weekend started I knew it’d be special indeed.

Fishing, swimming and wine in the afternoon

We caught our supper a couple mangrove snappers about 4 lbs worth of good eating fish each. What a meal supper will be. All afternoon we swam, fished and drank wine. lounging on deck, laughing and just being goofy. It’s been a while since Sarah really let her hair down and didn’t care who was watching or if they were judging us. Just good old nonsense fun.

My sides hurt from laughing so much I didn’t want it to end. So I grilled on deck the nights dinner. Baked potatoes, corn on the cob and snapper cajun style rubbed with cajun spices and grilled to perfection. Add lemon on the side at dinner and we had ourselves a real feast. The only thing better than the wine and food was the company.

At dinner some might call me weird. So go ahead call me weird but I set an extra plate and glass of wine for TJ. He was there in spirit and I for one know he really wanted to be there. If I had to bet my last dollar on something today it’s that there was no place TJ would have rather had been than with us this weekend.

On to other good news

Her dad said we could have the boat till noon Monday (We thought tonight we’d have to dock it and go home) so we’ll head back to Miami tonight and spend one more night on the boat anchored off shore. Some more wine and one more night just we two and the world a memory that can wait.

To be continued……