In the arms of the woman you love


She has been my friend since my earliest memories, my lover since before understanding what love is and my companion along this road called life. Today another candle is lighted and another year has passed. She grows more lovely with each passing year and the depths of her beauty seem endless. This year I’ve planned some special time aboard this boat, some alone time just we two, free of the distractions of the world.


After work I rushed home her bags already packed in the car. In a whirlwind I picked her up and we headed to meet her parents who prepared dinner and loaned us the boat for the weekend. A whole weekend at sea with Sarah!


Under way to our destination and she is all I can think about. Her smile, her touch, her voice, her smell fill my mind and I can’t get enough of her. Every moment we spend is both gift and blessing from my earliest memory to this one right now she has been there. Anticipation of a weekend with the woman who makes me a better me by her intoxicating presence.

My eyes watch her as she gracefully crosses the room. Her perfect form seems to float effortlessly and surreal vision in her eyes as she playfully glances to see if I’m watching. A little smirk crosses my lips and she knows I know she’s watching. All these years and each day is like a new day full of wonder and amazement. Everyday with her a new blessing to all who know her.

Even more loved by the postings this same night from friends and family alike. Tonight my father reminded me he’s proud of me and loves me. My son called me his hero and said I inspire him to dream. And my love Sarah reminded me I am loved and how much she loves to see me smile. I spent some time talking with few but only the most important people in my life. It seems my blessings of love are endless on this a perfect night.

Could the night get any better? It was about to get even better.


I spent the night entwined within her arms. The scent of her filled my dreams and her soft touch caressing me even as we slept. To really know what love is, to be loved like this is the greatest gift one could hope for. She is the most exquisite creature to live and her vision makes my heart beat.

She spent the night her head upon my chest and she knows my heart beats for her. Could she feel my heart skip as her fingers trace my belly? Her touch sends a shiver and the excitement of love anew in each and every touch. I wonder if she knows I fall in love with her again with each smile that crosses her lips, with every words spoken to me and with every touch upon me? Does she know the shiver as her gentle touch reaches my soul?

I’m not sure I slept at all last night and the special night seems to never end. Her touch upon my flesh, her breath felt and her heart beat known to me. A night like others but special all it’s own.

Happy birthday my love. You mean more to me than the heart in my chest. My words could never describe all you bring to me and all you mean to me. If my creator called me home know you’ve made this life, this moment and every moment the best of my life. You’ve been there for it all and I love you.

She completes my heart and her hand in mine as we walk the path of life together.


I rose early to catch this sunrise. It’s beautiful gold made love to my senses and kissed my eyes with it’s awe and brilliance. A glorious morning of love that followed a night of the same. I feel completed after these twenty four hours of making love in my mind, my body, my spirit and my heart. What a glorious day indeed.

sunrise from the keys

This sunrise was shared with one who holds my heart in person and another in spirit. There are few in this world I’d release my life for, I’m blessed to have shared it with them.

_hands of those who hold my heart

To my creator who brought me all and made the sunrise this brilliant gold. Even human imagination pales by comparison to this total perfection. Thank you for those you’ve guided me to and for the reminders I’ve needed. Thank you for these past twenty four hours, thank you for everyday leading to them and thank you for any remaining days I have left on this world you’ve made. I shall work to remember my blessing in good times and bad.

~Michelle Styles – January 4, 2014