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I rarely ever, well to this point had never shared someone else’s link. I’ve made an exception in this case. This piece stands out on it’s own but two pieces spoke to me and I had to testify so to speak.

I know the first #3 is true. “3.Our own distrust and doubt in God’s ability to carry out His promises often leads us to give up on Him.” I have doubted him and wandered far from his embrace. He never quit on me and reached for me time and time again. In my pain and anger I couldn’t hear him and in the end he sent messages I couldn’t ignore. I know he never heard my curses upon him, he was blind to my distrust and instead felt the pain of his daughter.

God i pray #3 is right. “3.The rewards of your faith are greater than the pain you are suffering.” With all the pain I’ve known I pray this one is right but I’ve seen some of his rewards. If my pain can be turned to blessing and use than any pain can be. But there where blessings even in my pain.

1 He gave me a voice a real voice and sound. I was born deaf and god aided by science have returned that which I was born without.
2 He has given me a family that is strong, supportive, close and good. Without this family I might have been pressured into abortion. Many families fall apart when awful things happen mine steeled themselves and surrounded me, protected me.
3 A son who is my blessing and my savior. He is the reason I live today and the reason I thank god for a new morning. I owe his life to my family who supported a brave decision and to god for the wisdom and belief in the value of all life.
4 God has given me love in two someone(s) who love me scars and all. These two have been my rock one longer than the other but neither less important than the other. Both stand as a blessing, stabilizing and healing force in my life.
5 He has sent nice people like secret angel, Pastor Dan and his father Pastor Bob to my life.

What miracles still lay ahead for me? What more has he planned for me? I won’t know what’s in store for me until I wake tomorrow. So with an eye to tomorrow I watch for his blessings yet to come.

Thank you pastor Dan for reminding me that even in pain and doubt he blesses us weather we see the blessings or not. In our deafness he writes on the walls for us to see. In our darkness he takes our hand and guides us to the light. In our blindness he brings what we need to see. In our doubt he sends people to remind us we are not alone and we are loved. In our pain he catches our tears and sheds his own. In our joy he dances with us in his graces.

I wonder if he heard my voice and said yeah that’s my girl! When Sarah yelled I love you was he beside her yelling me to! I like to think he was…..

A great message to end 2013 and begin 2014 with.

~Michelle Styles – January 3, 2014

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Well, Christmas is over. We have celebrated the birth of the Gift of Gifts by giving gifts to each other. All the Christmas gifts have been opened, and the relatives and in-laws have gone home. The celebration is over.

After a wedding, when the reception is over and the bride and groom whip off in their limo to their honeymoon, the real work at marriage begins, when they realize they had no idea that they were doing when they agreed to get married.

After Christmas, when we have focused so much on the coming of Christ, and all the joy, love, grace, and hope that He brings, we have to go back home where the real work of His coming into our hearts and lives begins.

And it is work isn’t it?

It seems that even before we finish enjoying all the grace that Christmas brings we encounter all sorts…

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