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I’m taking some time off as I’m traveling for the holidays. Many big things are happening for me and we’ll have much to discuss when I return.

Some of the things you might see posts about.

First I will get a chance to see all my brothers and sisters, most of their spouses and all my nieces and nephews, my parents, my son, all for grandparents and my surviving great grandparents as well. this Christmas. A first we’ve all been together in a while. EXCITED!!

Next I’ll be bringing my song “What does one voice mean” to life. You can find the words here just search one voice. It will be the first time I will use my new voice in public. The first time my family hears it for what it is. NERVOUS! I want to throw up I’m so nervous and excited.

I hope to take a road trip or two as well while I am in Maine. /fingers crossed

I will be writing and will share what I can when I return. I’ve been working on a few things ad struggling to get them right. I hope this break will bring clarity to my thoughts so I can post these peices for you.

Other HUGE news things I’m considering and will discuss in more detail soon as I know what I want to do. On this bit of news I’m not sure I have what it takes so I’m debating with myself now. But I’ll share these musings soon as well. CONFUSED!

I’ll be spending time with my son. I will be away from facebook a lot. Limited access to anyone so I’d like to say in advance Merry Christmas to all my friends and Happy, safe New Year too. See you all in 2014 I’ll have a lot of blogs to catch up on.

So wish me luck and hope I don’t screw up to badly. Love to all.

~Michelle Styles – December 23, 2014