I spent thanksgiving differently than I’d imagined it this year. I’d envisioned a perfect thanksgiving and my plans fell apart. The thanksgiving I ended up with was in many ways just as special. Sometimes things just don’t work out like we planned.

It was still a day to be thankful and to unwrap the gift of the present. I want to thank those who came and celebrated the day with me. Thank you! I also wanted to say thank you to those I wished to have seen but we missed each other. You were remembered fondly and missed. Last to those I knew I wouldn’t see but still wished I could.

I am still very thankful for the day with some family and some of the people I love so very much. Good food, great family and those are the makings of thankfulness indeed. Many have neither and I am thankful most of all I have both. Food to sustain the body and family to sustain the soul.

~Michelle Styles

Yeah it’s late. I’ve been working on so many writing pieces lately. At times I get overwhelmed with it. People who know my ADHD side know when I do anything it’s a million things or nothing. I currently have about ten posts going at once. Yet I still work 40-50 hours per week, therapy for my ears 2 days per week, guitar lessons, volleyball practice, surfing when I can, self therapy 90 minutes a day everyday and so much more. Thank you all for being part of the experience of my life. That is another daily thankful thing in my life. All of you.