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A moon light walk with Sarah,

Let’s go for a walk Sarah says as she comes home and finds me not really sleeping. Sure I said slipping into my shoes. In a few quick steps we were at the beach and I turned on my implants to hear the ocean. As we walked side by side joking about the day and other things we laughed.

She gave me a push and said bet you can’t catch me. She took a few quick steps placing distance between us. She had already gotten a small lead maybe eight steps before I realized she was running. I grinned and watched as she gained ground before launching into pursuit. She was now perhaps twenty and five strides ahead but not a huge distance to recover.

Just ahead of me she ran the moonlight in her hair, the sounds of the ocean and of her laughter. I see her jogging staying just in front of me and my heart races as my pace quickens. She breaks into a full run and the race is on. I the wolf chasing her prey in the moonlight hours.

The chase is on and at full sprint the distance is closing slowly. My heart beats so hard as I dig for just a little more speed. Feeling my heart pounding and my chest ready to explode I am closing the gap between us. Steadily I gain on her until my hand falls upon her shoulder and we tumble to the ground together.

Rolling up on top of her victory is mine. The wolf has caught her prey and now it’s time to feed. She closes her eyes but I like to see as I move in for the kill and my hands find ticklish spots. As her eyes open and our vision locks I see it in her eyes.

In her eyes,

In her eyes the world melts away and troubles are forgotten. The sparkle of the universe, the dawning of the day and all is present as I gaze within. Crystal clear vision and a reflection of time itself can be seen as she looks up at me. All fades in the moment of first contact and all that matters is now.

In her eyes I see the good in myself, an innocence and wonderment. Things stripped from me in darkened days and restored by her gaze upon me. Times of better memories and a life time of friendship. All things are possible from within her gaze and the universe itself smiles upon me from it. I see in it all I desire to be and all that is right in this world.

In her eyes I see no judgment, no condemnation of things past or present. Only love of this moment and peace in her loving eyes. I see a place of safety, a place of warmth and love. She beacons me in with just a look and my appetite is sated. In her loving gaze time itself is arrested and troubles of the mind forgotten. In this instance all that stands important can be seen in the reflections within her eyes.

In her eyes I am perfect. For the briefest moment as time stands still I know peace in her loving stare. I know for that moment perfection in creation and in our love. I can see the reflection of my own feelings for her directed back at me. In that loving moment silence is known even as the mighty ocean crashes it stands muted by this moment.

In her eyes I see her promise to me. Her promise to me to forever be my friend, my lover, and my wife. The promise to remain part of my life forever and to place my needs above her own. I see my equal promise returned in the visions that dance in her moment of contemplation as seen through the windows of her soul.

In her eyes I see a future unclouded and free. A future free of pain and a place without lose. A future without regrets, where we are one and where we share our best days as well as our worst. A time not so far from now where our best moment is always this moment and better moments are to come. A future I don’t see anywhere but in her eyes.

In her eyes all things are possible and all things made clear. I can observe the regard in her as her eyes meet mine and in their reflections nothing stands in the way. I wish I could look into her eyes every moment and arrest time itself. Eternity is not enough time for such a perfect moment.

In her eyes I see the dreams and hopes of the one I hold dear. In those same eyes I see her dreams and hopes for me, for us. I know I share those same dreams and for this moment memories of past don’t exist and dreams of the future all that share vision.

In her eyes I see my own love reflected and multiplied reflecting back at me. I see a moment captured in time and affixed gaze I wish could last forever.

The moment that lasted an eternity,

That moment lost in her gaze seemed to last forever even if but a moment passed. That moment is more than enough to recharge the spirit and reignite my love for her. She is and always has been able to bring out the very best in me. With but a look she can tell me more than a thousand pages would. In that simple honest moment exposed to each other our vision shared. In that moment I know her heart beats for me and mine for her.

That look last night told me more than words could hope. More than my own words can do justice. That moment, that simple moment shared forever etched in time. That moment that no one can steal from me. A moment of love expressed without words or need. Love eternal and real, something so special it can’t be described with my paltry attempt.

It seemed an eternity in a flash before the silence of the moment was broken. The silence was broken by her words.

Silence broken,

Sarah broke the silence and my heart fluttered with her words. Are you going to kiss me or keep me waiting? Then she giggled and I knew everything was right in the world. All I could offer was simple smile at the words that broke the silence. I thought to myself I needed this walk.

~Michelle Styles December 2, 2013