Clouds of your life,

I was lying upon the beach this morning. Gazing to the heavens and watching the clouds in the sky. While watching the clouds move and morph I realize we are much like the clouds. We are morphed by invisible forces just as the clouds are.

Forces in our lives from both the earth and the heavens collide in our lives as the wind collides with clouds. These winds in our lives morph us and mold us. They change us from one to another but never are we the same twice. These forces in life shape all peoples and guide us along life’s journey.

I realize the greatest of people learn the winds in life and allow them to shape them. They participate in the final product of the shaping by riding these winds. These greatest of people choose the path which shapes them best. Allowing ourselves to morph into a plan both divine and of self-choosing.

The greatest of people know from time to time storms move in and the winds become uncontrolable. All one can do is seek a current above the storm or to weather it and choose a new current on the other side. These are facts each must face that sometimes we must trust a moment to adjust our path will come. Then be wise enough to see the new current and ride it away from the storm.

You can’t stop the wind, nor refuse to morph with it. You can choose which current to ride and in doing so becomes an active participant in the morphing of your life. To seek the change you desire while allowing the winds of life to mold you, this is our greatest challenge in life as all things change and the winds are not under mortal command. Though the choice of which current we follow is under your command.

Change is something no one controls fully. All we can do is spread our wings and ride the current we believe has the best outcome. The winds in your life are change and all must change to live. We adapt and morph with that which enters our lives. Winds of divine grace and indifference both flow as currents for choice.

The truly great among us can see the winds and arch toward those with the greatest chance to deliver us to our desired destination. We can shape the outcome of these winds if we first trust the currents that carry us. Our job is finding the current and taking the leap of faith as we spread our wings and soar.

You have two paths you may follow. You may accept and participate in your winds and changing life or you may remain ignorant and allow the winds to control you and change you to their whim. We all arrive at each new day changed by the winds of the day before.

Acceptance of change and that we only control which current we ride and not the winds that enter our lives. Participation in that change after accepting it is and will come is the only choice beyond ignorance in one’s life.

The final product won.t be known until our winds subside and our end arrives. Will you meet that end a participant in that final product or trust the winds to determine your final form?

~Michelle Styles