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In response to the response of a seriously offensive article. Here is the response I am replying to: http://www.returnofkings.com/21637/publisher-response-to-the-eating-disorders-article

“It is unfortunate that sufferers continue to be stigmatized by society, so it surprises me that Tuthmosis’ article has been angrily received when it attempts to reduce stigma by encouraging our male readership to give women with anorexia and bulimia an opportunity for real intimacy.”

No it’s teaching your male readers to PREY on women already suffering from low self-esteem. It encourages the behavior to continue with asinine comments lets break them down. I know my view will not be popular with insecure viewers who need weak girls to get laid or maybe even just get a date. Since he also attacks girls who HAVE self-esteem your statement is already proven false. You made that too easy wow. If eating disorders are so serious and you TRULY feel they are so bad you wouldn’t have agreed to such a post which adds to the problem not deminishes it.

I find it hard to believe the writer ever dated girls who know their worth based on these comments.
“I’ve dated several girls with eating disorders—in various intensities—and all of these traits have applied to each of them.
*While obesity is, in most cases, also an “eating disorder,” this list doesn’t apply to emotional eaters, food addicts, and fatties with no self control.”

One problem you have here is beauty fades. Time will rob any man or woman of their looks and when that happens shallow you will flee for cover. Sad I actually feel sorry for you that you have no concept of beauty nor sympathy for causing eating disorders with dumb statements like this. It is precisely these types of comments that lead to eating disorders especially among girls. Have you bothered reading the stories of why these girls get eating disorders? It’s because they are made to feel they are too fat by society and articles just like this. So if you TRULY feel you don’t support eating disorders you would in good conscience remove this article as it is part of the problem as a whole.

From your article: http://www.returnofkings.com/21313/5-reasons-to-date-a-girl-with-an-eating-disorder

“Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks”

Her unhealthy obsession with her looks leading to possible death is the only way you see a woman can be healthy and look good? So you prey on sick girls with self-esteem issues and why? Not because they look good but because they seek attention and you want an easy score.

“Let’s not forget that fatties too” So looks is all that matters to shallow men and I know this. One reason I never date “shallow men” and I am the type of girl many guys see as attractive and how do I know? Because I am told so all the time. I am thin and attractive and I do it by staying active mentally and physically not by forcing myself to purge my food, skipping meals or eating too little or the wrong things.

See you forget girls eating disorders are unhealthy mentally and physically, they are more likely to be drug addicts and more prone to suicide. Yeah those are good for your looks NOT!

So baby I am only dating you because you are thin don’t ever gain an once or I’m gone. My reply cya don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…bye bye! NEXT!

“She costs less money”

Wow because she is sick and hurting herself to try and be what men like she costs less money? Honestly fuck your money I make my own and probably make or have made more than you make. So want to save money here’s a tip GO DUTCH!

Other ideas plan something that costs very little anyway like a picnic. But wait that is too much work and might show the girl you’re trying to impress her or maybe she is worth some effort.

“If you’re a hungry bastard, you can even finish off her plate.” It’s fine for you to be a pig but a girl is supposed to not eat? What a laugh tubby no wonder you can’t date women who have decent self-esteem.

“She’s fragile and vulnerable”

In other words easy. Haha, proving once more how lazy you are. Stay in your mom’s basement I’ll stick to real men who want a confident woman as a partner not some easy mark.

“unearned high self-esteem” Perhaps it isn’t self-esteem fool. Perhaps it’s something called self-worth. See I know I am worth an equal, I am not an easy girl and you won’t have sex with me on the first date. Because I seek a man not some baby who needs easy girls to inflate his UNEARNED self-esteem. How do you propose a girl “earn” her self-esteem or are you of the opinion no woman should have any? Yeah I thought that was your answer.

As for being special yes I demand high standards in a man. His looks mean zero but how he treats me means everything. I am unique as are you and people need to know that. Long term successful relationships are built on partnership and more than physicality. They are based on mental compatibility, life goals, spiritual compatibility, mutual respect, morals and much more. Looks fade with time but internal beauty does not.

Women with eating disorders according to studies are 50 to 80 times more likely to commit suicide than peers in the same geographic group.

“Probably has money of her own”

Wrong. Studies show more poor are affected by eating disorders than the wealthy. The wealthier Americans can afford to eat right and have access to gyms and personal trainers. It is the poorer people with less access who fall prey to eating disorders by a margin of at least 8 to 1.

Girls with eating disorders also have much higher rates of substance abuse than peers of the same geographic group. Yeah that’s healthy and probably costs any money she does have. Yeah she has money alright.

“She’s better in bed”

She will have NO energy because she isn’t eating right. This will not lead to her being better in bed. Seek a girl who is athletic and active. They can go for hours!

“daddy issues” wrong again. Girls with eating disorders have them because society and pigs like you tell them they are worthless if they aren’t thin. They are ugly if they aren’t thin. See only when girls realize they are worthwhile but then they are a threat to the male ego because they expect you to work for it. Guess what too bad for you. More real women of worth for the REAL men of the world.

So what are you saying really?

These things perpetuate the problem douche bag! You say on one hand oh eating disorders bad we never support them and on the other you are fat and ugly and if you have any sense of self-worth then you are somehow bad. Honestly publish what you like I am all for the 1st amendment but it doesn’t mean the female audience will like it as you seem afraid of a confident, intelligent, well rounded woman.

More answers to you.

“5 Reasons To Fornicate With A Man Who Has Cancer,”

It would be equally offensive…
1) He will get real thin and have abs
2) He will save time shaving and have more time for you after all his hair falls out
3) He’s probably going to die soon meaning you don’t have to put up with his stupidity and male ego for long.
4) He will be too weak to beat you
5) He won’t eat much so you can save money heck he’ll be so grateful he has a girl he will give you money

• Just remember girls don’t marry him you don’t want his medical debts when he dies. And don’t worry when his cock stops working MOVE ON to and ACTAUL MAN! I mean come on you owe the sick bastard nothing anyway he was fun while he lasted right?

See but other than to illustrate how stupid your point is I would never publish such an stupid list.
1) It’s not all about fornication, there is far more to a relationship than sex. Far more!
2) It’s about who he is as a person I prefer long term, solid relationship thanks.
3) Everyone loses their looks with time I mean face it your beer belly, ear hair, nose hair and half bald head and inability to get an erection without viagra is not appealing physically.

As to “God bless.” God is not shallow like you. He doesn’t care if you are tall/short, fat/thin, healthy/unhealthy. No he only cares about you inside not you outside. He even loves men who are stupid pigs luckily for you.~Michelle Styles – Novemeber 21, 2013