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Life on your board can make everything seem better. Like a knight upon a horse there is power and confidence. But better there is creation carried within the narration of the tides. Sand washed this shore to that, sun shines down and the ocean twinkles. It calls to me come, forget for a time and ride. I heed the call and rush to its shores to live at one with creation itself. A briefest moment clouds fade and all that exists is good. But alas the days upon my board pass so quickly, too few and the days seem mere moments. Nothing can beat a day upon my board just me, creation, sun and surf. And for a moment the battle hardened knight knows peace.

A knight upon her board.

Beneath the sun and sky so blue
Lay the ocean steady and true
Wild, untamed and beautiful to
Rising and falling each day anew
Laid atop a board of white
Stare and awe at oceans might
Beneath the sun of yellow bright
Upon my board from dawn to night
The pause between, a moments rest
Each time I stand I hope my best
Ocean swells placed to the test
Riding my board upon oceans crest
A moment of truth always sought
A mind at peace no other thought
A moment in time, an eternal knot
Lessons of life and board are taught
A day of peace from clouded mind
Racing waves upon board I grind
Moments rest is always kind
The perfect wave I seek to find
Ocean past to present so blue
Peace upon the oceans hue
Deep within I always knew
Ocean steady and waves askew
Beneath the sun on board of white
Bathed within this days light
Knowing nothing of external plight
Cresting waves like rising knight

~Michelle Styles – November 20, 2013