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Loving someone honestly and being a true friend,

My girlfriend Sarah takes my hands in hers and dances close and slow. She begins to sing a song she has sang for me 1,000 times before and as she does I hear her love with my heart. I read her lips as we circle slowly, fingers intertwined and hearts beating as one. I hear her in my heart a powerful reminder we’ve been through so much and our love hasn’t changed except to get stronger. Her love as perfect as one can get as remain human.

The song is beautiful and by Stryper – Honestly.
“Call on me and I’ll be there for you
I’m a friend who always will be true
And I love you can’t you see
That I love you honestly
I will never betray your trust in me
And I love you can’t you see
That I can say I love you honestly”

She has indeed stood beside me all these years. Sarah, my family and my god are all I’ve ever been able to call on and know they will be there. She is a friend and attached to me by far more than acquaintance. Genuine affection, respect for the other and a desire to make ourselves better because they deserve our best.

My father is flying in to go with me to the parole hearing. He comes because his daughter needs him, she is scared, wounded and struggling. He comes because he has my best interest in his heart. He comes not because of my weakness but because of his strength. He comes not because I asked, nor did I call. He comes because I am his daughter. My father on earth is an example of my father in heaven and shows me the example of honest love and true friendship that I have always admired in him.

But more important the one who can say honestly he loves me now and forever is going with me. Our father above is the only who can promise love forever and that he will never betray us. God has called each of us to be friends, more than acquaintances but attached by love and purpose. Attached by a desire to make ourselves better because he deserves the best us he can get. There is much debate about what is the best us we can offer a perfect being. I’ll sum that up for you here. It’s a love that drives us to be better people because we want to give our best to the one we love.

Before I face this demon I will remember these words and I will try and draw strength knowing many love me honestly. Many stand beside me faithfully and when I call they come. More important I will draw strength in the light of the one who has always loved me with the perfect love. A love no human can match and when he says I love you honestly he means it verbatim.

So what is honest love? Honest love is the kind of love open, unclouded and placed raw and exposed unafraid of being hurt. Honest love is the perfect love because it holds no reservations in its declaration. Honest love is the kind offered unconditionally weather we love in return or not. As humans we strive for honest love but we often fall very short of the mark.

So what is a true friend? One who never seeks to belittle you, one who seeks your best interest even when their own interests are in direct conflict with what is best for you. True friends will never gossip and will always highlight the best in you. True friends will help you work on your flaws and never expose them maliciously. A true friend is the person you know always has your back no matter the odds. True friends pick us up when we are down, then walk the path in front of us to ensure we don’t stumble again.

When I hear these words it’s not just Sarah speaking them. It is a promise we make to always value the other above ourselves. To come when called, and to be true friends to the other; making them stronger and better. True friends are the ones who if they betray us hurt the most. Can a person ever truly be a true friend and love with honesty? Perhaps not. But god above can and he shows the way and the model for all humanity. He shows what I wish to offer Sarah, my son Josef, TJ, my family and all those god sends to my life. All we can do is strive for honest love and to be true friends. Even as flawed and weak as we are we should strive to be his example of honest love and true friends on earth.

I will remember a father’s love during this trial and I know he comes because I call. In watching my father on earth I understand the friendship my heavenly father desires. One built on more than mere knowledge of him. One build on a love only a father can have for a child. One where the child respects and strives for the fathers approval and love by living in a fashion that makes him proud. One open to receive his love and just accept that he never quits and he will always be there when his child is in need. One where we are not afraid to say “Daddy I need you” and when we do we just know he is coming. A relationship built entirely on trust that he will be our honest love and our truest friend.

Thank you fathers for your strength I’m going to need both my daddies now.

~Michelle Styles – November 19, 2013