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Many faiths know just one god. Father, god, Allah, Yahweh, great spirit, by whatever name you know him he is worthy of praises. Today sitting I got inspired to write something for him. By any faith that believes in one god the commonality is his love is that of a father and that through prayer and praises to him he acts in our lives. We have to remember to pray for what we need not what we want. He will not give you a million dollars because you pray for it. You don’t need that to be complete.

While sitting silently I reflected on the things brought into my life. All of them needed things. Not money, not cars but people. People are the things brought into my life. Some of these people have made me think, I grow closer to my creator because of them. Some blessings more profound like my family a good strong family, Sarah, my son Josef and the latest blessing TJ. All things my creator has placed here as gifts for me. The time they give me in listening, prayers, support is more valuable than all Bill Gates money. My blessings, my true blessings brought into my life are strong and good. He has blessed me with health, a strong mind and strong body. I am wealthy beyond worldly possession because of the blessings he has sent me.

So when I give thanks I know what to be thankful for. I am thankful to have enough and that is all I truly need. Enough money to give back and still eat and have a place to sleep. Not all are so fortunate in this life. Health enough to do what I want and enjoy in life. Not all stand so blessed. But most of all faith enough to know in the end it will be ok and to trust there is hope and life for me. All should know this blessing and I pray all will upon a day.

If you have enough be sure and thank him for it, if you have more than enough think of those who do not and give back some of the wealth of blessings in your life. Not all gifts given are of money many worth far more are of self. Help your elderly neighbor carry her groceries, give a homeless person some food (a sandwich, some milk or water, an apple) to those who are hungry this is a feast, volunteer in a soup kitchen and serve those who have nothing to give you but a smile and a thank you. There are so many ways to give back the wealth you’ve been given and in the end a sincere smile or a thank you will serve as a great reward because you gave the gift of self to another.

Today I will again seek the chance to give the gift of myself and I will find it.

To my father the creator of all I see

When I’m scared and alone I pray
Prayers answered by light of day
Shadows retreat beneath the light
This fight alone you cannot fight
Sometimes we ask just too much
When all we need is just one touch

We need to know he’s always there
We need to know he’ll always care
Fear not for I know this true
He places trust and faith in you
A fathers love is like no other
Not even the love of a mother

When you open yourself to his might
Light will rule your darkest night
Pray for what you need and see it so
Want for light and see it grow
Learn the different of wants and need
Then in your mind and plant the seed

I am not perfect of this I know
But I plant the seed and watch it grow
Watch it grow to full might
Water, love and precious light
The perfect bloom, imperfect soul
Death avoids its ugly toll.

I am broken, very much so
Pieces scattered to and fro
With grace and love he will complete
With only to ask, need not compete
He guides our moves every day
You hear his voice what did he say

With small flame in hand
And triumphant I stand
Through his grace and to the end
A father’s love he did send
Day breaks on troubled mind
A gift of light I am not blind

~Michelle Styles – November 13, 2013