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Early morning reflection as I walk the beach. I have my implants on so I could hear the waves crashing. In awe of nature and the power of creation I had much time to contemplate. I love the ocean it reminds me of the created power, yet gentle it comes to shore and washes over my feet. Such incredible power and yet so gentle in but one of his creations. There is nothing like a walk on the beach in the wee hours of the morning. Before others can break your solitude and while the moon yet lights your path. Warm salty air filling your lungs and the far off song of gulls to serenade you.

To me there are few places where he can be felt so close and his creation more magnificent than the ocean.

Toes in the water,

A quiet 4am walk on the beach, my toes in the water.
Thoughts of present reflection, I am my mother’s daughter.
Walking while pondering past and future, as I walk along.
Oceans sound and silent skies, create my favorite song.
All while walking, my toes in the water.

Reflection of past, present pushed to front.
Suddenly life hits me hard, how could it be so blunt.
Passing time in times reflected, walking on the beach.
Sky is dark and water warm, the moon upon the breech.
All while walking, my toes in the water.

Inward facing as I think, my walk comes to end.
Salty air and water pulls, my spirit on the mend.
Creation around and sights now seen, walking to and fro.
Relax this moment and take a rest, for now it’s time to go.
All while walking, my toes in the water.

My walk is done and with morning sun, Lessons have been taught.
Goodbye water and moon lite sky, I leave you now with a final thought.
Air fills my lung and water flows, why worry and bother.
He created all just for me, I know him as my father.
All while walking, my toes in the water.

Thank you for this day.~Michelle Styles, November 8, 2013