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A new friend whose blog I’ve been reading had a post about this award. I wasn’t nominated but I like the questions and wanted to answer them as best I could. She’s a good writer and pretty grounded as a person. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog cover to cover.


First thank you for sharing and writing. I enjoy your style and words very much. Now here are your answers.

1) What is your biggest passion?

I have two and for different reasons.

First is Surfing because when I surf I must live only here, only now or risk being pulled beneath the waves and ending the ride. This is a time where pain does not exist for me and the only thing that does exist is this very moment. It’s a moment you at one with nature, the sun, wind, ocean all part of you. I feel as though I could reach out and touch the face of god.

I write about what surfing means to me but here is where I’d point you.


Second I enjoy being in various support groups and trying to help others. As a rape survivor, suicide survivor, and cutter I know pain, trials and addiction. I attempt to put my past to some good and in doing so I hope to touch lives and make the world a little less dark for those I touch. It is often enough to know you are not alone and if they here nothing of my words maybe they will hear what is needed from my heart.

2) What is that one school incident you can never forget?

Graduating college. I did it without special class rooms for the deaf and without special treatment. The only accomidation was teachers needed to face the class when speaking. The look on my sons face then 8 years old and the true sence of accomplishment on that day is the one I will never ever forget. That day surpasses all days of my school life from my first to my last.

3) Which is your all time favourite movie?

Avatar; It shows of greed, love and tells a powerful story of differences and how humans see different as less than them at times. It also shows the good in humans and the full potential of humans if we learn to see with our hearts and not our eyes. It reinforces the gift of self as the greatest gift we can offer another. I write about that gift here.


I loved the visuals as well as a beautifully told story with very deep underpinnings of human nature and the good and bad we are capable of.

4) If given a chance, which electrical appliance you would turn into?

Wow what a question. I guess I’d want to be an oven, I think because I do love cooking and this way I’d be close to something that brings me joy today. I would get to be useful and see my family feed.

Besides there are no electrical appliances you can turn into and still surf.

5) What is your favourite cuisine/food?

All of it. I love experimenting but if I had to pick just my favorite; Italian. I am a push over for homemade lasagna or chicken parm over pasta. And Italians make the best dressings sorry french you are a second behind italian.

6) What is that one thing which helps you to stand out in the crowd?

My personality or my eyes. I am very active physically I love to move and that helps me stand out. That and I do like my eyes it’s the one thing of mine I can say I truly like about me.

7) What is the last thing you would want to do on Earth?

Surf or help another relieve their pain.

If I died surfig I would die the one place I have no pain, the one place I am not a freak, the one place I forget everything but the beauty and power of the creation that is our home.

If I died knowing I touch another in a positive way then it would be all worth it. Every moment, every pain would make it have meaning. There would be a purpose to why I was put here beyond just existing.

8) What is the best gift you have got till date?

On the first anaversary of turnig on my implants I heard my sons voice for the first time. His was the first human voice I ever heard. More than a decade I waited for that moment to finally hear him. I missed his cry, his first words and so much but on that day I didn’t miss “Mom I Love You”!

I wrote about that here: https://aghostdancer.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/1st-anniversary/

29 years I lived without hearing a sound, 29 years never heard a human voice. Today I am on my way to learning to speak and hear and his was the first voice I heard ever. It’s not the last but it’s the best and most special.

9) Who do you admire the most?

Anyone suffering badly who resists the tempation to end their own lives. I can admit I wasn’t that strong all my life. I tried once. There are times even today where the questions arrise why not just die. But I am strong enough to fight that now. I admire anyone struggling and not giving in to this desire. No matter the root of their pain they resist the urge to end it and choose to live. That is the only path to a cure, LIVE.

10) Do you believe in destiny?

Yes and No. I do not believe our destiny is prewriten. But I do believe we all have a reason we are here. Some find it early in life while others it comes much later. But I do believe we are destine to discover our purpose here. There is some beyond our control in our futures but there is much well within our grasp to change for good or bad. Our choices now, today affect our tommorows in both good and bad ways. Our responsability is to make positive choices and move our futures on a path more to our desire.