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I learned to respect nature in all things I do. When I ride the waves I can’t but stand in awe of the sheer power required to bend liquid to solid wall. It maybe fluid and pliable but don’t let appearance fool you. When you are slammed from board into the unforgiving ocean and the wall of waves you will learn quickly how solid a liquid can be.

With respect I climb atop my board and after each ride thank the water and earth for their unending war of push and pull has given me this gift. A wall of water to cradle me along the ride; knowing a mistake will toss me into the water and my wall will pass me by.

In creation exists things humans must accept without true explanation. The power to make liquid into a wall is one of those I accept as true and for me need no further explanation. I am grateful for the earth and water and the delicate balance transforming water to wall.

Power and awe,

Earth bids its call water it’s thrall.
Pace hastened by natures call.
Solid yet fluid racing toward land.
Waves end in crashing upon golden sand.

The rushing of tide to make water walls.

The power and might of nature to sea.
Racing to shore and calling to me.
Paddle toward sun, clear water deep.
Dreams yet realized from inside I sleep.

Dream are made from these water walls.

I stand shaded by water as wall at my back.
Low and tight I crouch awaiting attack.
Rain upon head not a cloud in the sky.
The waves they do cry.

What power overwhelming to make water walls.

For soon they know this moment will end.
Its last breath of life forward expend.
Vision from inside where water did call.
Before me it’s over this beautiful brawl.

Calm sea turn to great water walls.

A brawl of nature, sea to the land.
Along for the ride at this beckon hand.
Respect for power, nature and all.
With it comes joy in next waters wall.

-Michelle Styles October 17, 2013