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The certainty of mistakes is near perfect. As humans we can’t but make them even though efforts made and best laid plans. What purpose must they serve if not to learn, survive and become better; stronger people? These are my views on this matter and I’ve made my share of mistakes. Each have taught lesson, some sorely deserved and others by happenstance. Each caused pain some fleeting and others long lasting.

Looking back at so many mistakes and a life time of lessons already mounted. Yet my life only one third complete and mountains of mistakes lay behind. I’ve travelled so far and so fast it seems as though I’d not the time to scale such in so short a span. And yet they stand behind me as testament to all I’ve learned in that same span.

My mistakes have guided me child to woman and as such lessons taught ignorance to wisdom. Start mistakes as solid foundation from which we build a better us and you’ll see these mistakes for what they truly are. They are but a learning curve to be fashioned and travelled with each a lesson silent to your soul.

Mistakes are when we learn one more lesson. You learn who your real friends and true family are. When we stumble and fall they are the ones hand outstretched and more concerned with lifting you up. They are the ones who will see you dusted off before lending their own wisdom. They will be concerned for you first and reason you sit upon the ground is but an excuse to offer hand and embrace. Watch for those offering hand before offering words and you will find those who truly care for you.

Others may attempt to aid you with their wisdom but have they helped you stand or merely kicked dirt upon you while you stare blankly back at them? They are not truly concerned for you as your mistake makes them feel better about themselves and that is reason these offer their words but not their hand.

I wouldn’t trade my mistakes because they’ve made me the person I am. Without them lessons may not have been learned and life may not be what today holds. I’ll make you a promise I can keep. I’ll make more mistakes and more pain shall fall and lessons will be learned. This is one of the few promises all human beings can make. Does it make me a bad person? No it makes me human.


My father would say to climb the tallest mountain the first step up is the hardest. This I know is true.

Any road worth the time and effort to travel is always hardest with the first step. Often on the best journeys we misstep and from time to time find a new adventure just begging us to attend. Life is full of missteps and how we answer them depends greatly upon the outcome. Some missteps will become mistakes but we’ve covered those so let’s focus on the ones that begin adventures.

Missteps which lead to adventure, new people, new things and new places are also lessons. These lessons some good and some bad will aid us as much in growing as any mistake for each new adventure is ripe with opportunity and growth.

New adventures bring new things into our lives like people, food, and experiences. They are a chance to expand upon who we are and who we believed ourselves to be. Many are a chance to go beyond the physical limitations of self and brave new worlds open to our minds. Our missteps are not always bad things; they are just uncomfortable and new things. The best are when we don’t notice the misstep until much later and now you find yourself on unfamiliar ground.

I guess a misstep is all in perspective and not always a mistake as your mind might wander and believe. Those who think the world is a magical place to explore and experience will see a misstep as a new adventure and even if the journeys end teaches a hard lesson it was still a path worth taking. Those who see the world as dangerous will cower immediately upon a misstep and perhaps miss a grand new adventure.

Without missteps I’d have never taken up surfing, tried to dance, dreamed of hearing, started writing, meet Sarah, or lived a life as full as I’ve lived this one I was given as a gift to live. Without my missteps my life wouldn’t have been what it is today and I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t retrace a single step for I am happy with who I am.

I may see the world with rose colored glasses and I stand in awe at such a creation but I will never miss an adventure. I will follow the path to conclusion and with it breathe the adventure and live my missteps. When lesson needs taught I will learn it, take a deep breath and begin my next adventure with an eye toward my next misstep. Trust me I’ve at least two thirds of a life left there will be more.

A misstep is not a mistake but merely a path you hadn’t chosen but find yourself upon.


Miscues are signs miss read and lead to many things. Often a miscue leads us upon a misstep and path less traveled. Sometimes the guide us away from that we should travel toward. But it’s something we can’t help but fall victim to from time to time as well.

The wonderful thing about a miscue is that often we’ll never know we missed the cue. So we’ll never know if it was a mistake, misstep, lesson or opportunity. These are the easiest to miss and the hardest to accept. Did we miss love because the cue was missed? Maybe we found love only to learn later we should have passed. Either way we missed a cue someplace.

I struggle with cues; perhaps because I was born deaf maybe there is a tone within a voice I miss. Perhaps it’s my perception in all things being beautiful and good. Either way I miss many cues in life as I presume we all do.

For now,

Solecism perhaps leads my greatest adventure and teaches my deepest relationships in truth. For now life continues forward at fever pace as I place one foot before the other on my journey; my adventure called life. Time past and future fast approaching with today my doorway to the adventure.

My path traveled, my eyes open, my mind free and my world ever expanding thanks to my mistakes, missteps, and miscues.

Look for your next adventure in everything, everyone and everywwhere for your mistakes, missteps and miscues may be calling you to a new adventure as well.

Peace, love and health,

-Michelle Styles October 15, 2013