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When I’m out surfing it’s hard to drag myself away. I always think in the back of my mind. I’ve enough time for one more run. It seems it’s always one more, just one more and before I know it’s dark and I’m hungry. I often surf till the time I realize I shouldn’t have taken that one last run. I never regret it and never will and I’ll always look forward to the “One More Run”.

One More Run

Clouds coalesce and shapes take form above, against a velvet blue a backdrop.
Sights and smells tingle within reach.
Blue backdrop as water touches heaven in seamless end to vision.
Warm soft sand beneath feet I must be at the beach.

A warm breeze kisses the skin, it’s embrace well known.
Fresh salty air dances and tickles the nose.
Water charging forward before it quickly retreats.
Sand everywhere though it’s nice between my toes.

Sun bursts in vision without warning from coalesced clouds.
Vision for the moment painted in yellow light.
Currents pull with each step as water returns home.
Removed from footing by oceans might.

Waters warm for the paddle out, where waves and dreams are made.
Rumble waves beneath wind and sky.
Atop the board the world stands still.
Balanced and upright; the call to stand and try.

Beneath the clouds, the sun and wind.
Upon my board I laugh and ride.
A moment in time; forever locked within.
The ride ends when the waves subside.

Once more water meets earth and sand.
Toes meet sand warmed by sun.
Turn about hurry the waves call me back.
I’ve just enough time for one more run.

-Michelle Styles September 20, 2013