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It’s been a while since I wrote here. Sorry for the delays as I’ve been traveling for work. I am sorry to you and myself for the delay in adding to the story of Michlle.


Distant upon horizon desire and dream take root. Still yet out of reach to be fully realized; now within sight. A good wind, calm waters and warm sun as guide and companion toward destiny. Life has been a trial and a tribute for me.

My trials are well known and the path set upon to arrive at proper place; stand weary testiment to the yet unbroken spirit. The scent of blood from trials has yet to fade and image remains though pale spectre of the past. The less power we give such things the more we take for ourselves. A lesson hard won for me. But not one wasted upon the same.

It seems long since I stood before my past and yet it was recent event. Does the spectre fade or embolden warrior scare it so? Does it flee or just seem suddenly less menacing? These are questions I will seek as answer upon a day. Though now I shall enjoy new found power and my past shall tremble for a time longer as from the ashes of certan defeat I find new lease and new purpose. I find victory from upon battle of mind and purpose enough to live.

Now I look forward toward calm shores and dreams to be realized. My once upon a time is finally begining and with it a new chapter. I look to the horizon and see all I have desired and I know I can have it all.

Trials come in the events of our lives. How we handle them and what we do with them are our own. Our choices determine much of who we are during those trials. Tribute to the fact we yet stand and face it headlong. Sun kissed upon cheek as forward ever forward from pasts vanishing horizon.

As late I find tribute more to liking and trials fade from memory. But the foundation is laid for future trials and I hope to handle them with grace and courage. My trials have taught me never to fear living and to respect the gifts of the new day. My tribute is I stand even thru it all I yet stand and breath. This means I yet fight for the gifts of today with eye toward futures horizon and it’s warm embrace.

Forward to calmer sea and new horizon, forward into uncharted destiny and cloudless sky. Forward my horizon awaits.-Michelle Styles September 17, 2013