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Inside us all a war within rages. Mine is darkness some my own and some inflicted on me. Evil of man the cause of both as some play god and some follow a darker path.

We must fight it daily to stay upon the path. For none shall falter if footing is steady by war upon the soul. The mind play tricks and we blame ourselves yet the blame is not our own.

When once we realize the first step made the next we must accept. This is one I struggle with once made my battle’s all but won. Demons hold power only through allowance and denial of acceptance. Why must this step be so hard?

We stand like stone once all is done. Until then the wind eats away. My mind still in turbulence yet seeking calmer shores. I can not stand alone against this tide. It shall sweep me from feet and lay claim to my soul bared for all to gaze upon.

The wind relentless in pursuit stands mighty, even against stone. Unyielding and unforgiving are the winds of time as they ravage what remains locked inside. Bared forever ravaged and changed by past. Weakened by memories of things long since done. Standing idle against time as the past rushes forward to cloud already darkened mind.

Bared the world may see the scars once hidden beneath frail flesh. A pale shade remains where once hardened resolve once stood. The need to connect and share heavy burden now tides rushing upon shore of mind once stained and forever changed. Facing the changes maybe the last respite of hope in dwindling world within.

Though infliction was my own in attempt to play god I am not solely to blame. Such folly earns nothing but regret. It earns scars to remember the day you thought you knew more than your creator. One I shall never make again even when alone and in the darkest place.

I am a survivor and the story must be told. In sharing my wieght lifted and strength once sapped returns. I grow stronger daily and my path cleared. I hoist the mast and seek comfort on new shore, far removed from memories concealed. A shore where effort shared may be a tale foretold and strength found in aid of strangers who share surviving story.

My attempt cost me many broken bones, dozens of painful surgeries and years to be restored to who i was before my attempt. It cost me months of my life unable to care for myself. And the trust of those who loved me. This one hurt the most of all. Yet even knowing who would be hurt the darkness yet calls my name, calling wayward child home.

Once scared of darkness and clouding mind. Visions of purpose now close by hand lends meaning to life once thought forfeit. Purpose brings clarity and with clarity light from which darkness must shrink.

I stand today unmoved by past and attempts upon battered mind have fallen to deafened sound. They hold no sway as my army grows and strength of shared burden emboldens me. I yearn to face it again and see it washed from my soul upon calming rain. Rational thought returned and light once more upon me. Steady wind in sail presses horizons of the mind.

A journey long in the making but welcomed in warm embrace. Peace of knowledge and acceptance upon me. While winds once unforgiving now blow to welcome shore. Exposed scars bare to all the triumph of past glories. Time to enjoy the pleasures the spoils of war have laid before me.

My enemy will gather strength and lick its wounds and in the end shall return for foolish attempt at strengthen and embolden foe. Prepare as you wish my recent victories have made me wiser and bolder as well. I await your blood hot upon cheek, it’s your move.

It’s darkness bares teeth in effort to frightened child. But were once a child stood no more she is so. Grown to woman with weapons of her own brought fourth to old enemy. I am ready for you and my weapons in hand for the day you attempt to reclaim your prize. You will find it’s not so easily claimed and a wolf now stands upon path you must travel. Who cowers now?

My trial is far from over even when verdict is clear. I will not cower from the darkness and within it I shall stalk it’s heart. I shall put it to rest in coming battles.

I’m coming for you, I’m ready for you, I’m not afraid of you, and I will not flinch nor cower within darkness. Teeth brought to bare and claws still ripe with you blood. You will not like next contest.

For now lick your wounds but know I am waiting for our next encounter with excitement and victory fresh in mind.

Who cowers now? I say “Not I, shall we begin?”