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I do not have words of many but the words I have are personal to me. Here they are sorry if they are short, cryptic or you do not understand them. It isn’t written for you but for me.

Today I stood before two of the men who wronged me as a child. I told the parole board my story. Today I looked the romans’ in the face and told them this slave is free. No more shall masters lash sting my flesh nor memories of past hold so much power to keep me shackled.

Today these men were told four years for one and five years for the other shall pass before next they may ask to see freedom. I am free today and while more trials of past will reflect upon present they shall not darken future beyond present moment. Today I am Spartacus and I will die a free woman.

I got to tell my story and look the face of evil without flinching. I told these men they have no power over me and they are never forgiven. Today I feel free of a weight which has been heavy upon me.

I told those who sat in judgment of the broken cheek bone, several broken ribs and massive bruising suffered at the hands of these men. I told my story of lash and restraint, the wounds upon my wrists and ankles used to hold me down. I showed them the scars caused both physical and mental. I told of my leg dislocated from my hip and the broken pubis bone suffered by same by forced entry within me and rough hands upon me. I told them of the repeated horrors and of wounds ignored as they persisted even after grievous injury. I told them of my tears and my desire to die that day. I told them of my survival only because they thought me dead and dying. I told them of childhood lost and of joys denied me by events of that day. My fear of strangers, my flinch at a mans touch even to this day and my darkened dreams and attempt I made to end my darkness with my own death.

I will not bore you with more details of horrific events. I will say once freedom is realized it is eternal. Today I found my freedom. When fear is set aside and good men and women rise to challenges; evil has no place to run. Today I stood up to the challenge and evil is once more caged. Today my voice was heard and the sea of silence was broken. MY ONE VOICE MATTERED!

With doubt and fear now pushed aside my vision is now clear for once. I know more battles lay ahead but I also know this wolf has bared its teeth. I know I can fight to live and I now live to fight.

I had to wear my brave face today. Inside I wanted to run, inside I was lost for words, inside I felt like dying. Inner strength and a brave face and my thoughts gave birth to words. I can’t explain the power one feels after they’ve looked their nightmares made flesh and showed them I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!

I did this today and I feel powerful indeed.