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First let me state this is just my story and does not reflect the actual history of Kingdoms of the Lost. I just love the mud and started writing and this is the result.

Kingdom of the lost is a MUD (Multi user Domain) I play and it can be found at WWW.KOTL.ORG as well as instructions for playing. You can find me I am Kitayel, KuwaTaka, Sorsha. I used people names without permission I hope my friends will not be angered by this. Love to my KOTL family I hope you enjoy it.

The age before time

In the age before time there were two ageless beings that created the universe. In this age of creation there was lots of work to be done. Creatures and plants were created from thought and whole worlds took shape in the blink of an eye.

The concepts of time and a circle of life were introduced as the new universe took shape. This were born and died all in the order of the great circle of life. They gave their creations the ability to learn, grow, and evolve into more than they were.

As this duo worked they created one world they loved above all, teaming with life and filled with wonders known only here. They modeled life here after their every though and this world took shape. With their very hands they guided our evolution and our world became the most beautiful anywhere in the cosmoses.

Centuries passed, and millennia followed. They slowly drifted apart each creating stars, planets, life of all sorts, and giving of themselves to each of their new creations.

One must have given too much of herself and disappeared forever. When the other learned of this tragedy he was unwilling to lose his mate. So he returned to the world they made together. The world she loved so much and started a new ritual called the ghost dance, in the hopes of drawing his loved one back to him once more. This world is known for his dance now and he is known as the Kingdoms Of The Lost.

The Next few millennia

The dance continues unrelenting even as his precious world fell apart around him. Beings created from another world had evolved and where threatening this paradise. Their technology and power had grown to a point where travel between worlds was commonplace and this was their next target. Their appetite for death and mayhem was unrivaled in the universe.

These Abenara have come to his precious land and now threaten the life he and his beloved created. With rampant abandon they killed and destroyed ever creature they had come across on this world. Only in death could the Abenara feed and the better the fight the more strength they gained. Something must be done and soon, but alas he could not stop his dance else he loses his love forever.

Knowing he must continue his dance he selected a mortal named simply Chalgyr to teach his magic to. Magic so powerful and ancient it was known only by the creators themselves.

This selection was made for the intelligence and bravery this man possessed. After the teaching the dancer instructed Chalgyr to lead the world back from the hands of those who would seek to destroy it and promised that all who stand with him would be rewarded for their love of his world.

A new hope

Chalgyr took charge of the new rebellion and started gathering promising young warriors who seemed to care for this world as much as he did. Warriors who would not quit just because they were down or out numbered. Warriors with a spirit to stand and fight the good fight even when the peril seemed certain and the outcome bleach.

His first recruit was Gillian who was as beautiful as she was deadly. Gillian was a young woman who showed great magical abilities and a strong desire to make a difference. He trained her in the magic taught to him by the dancer. It was during this time of training they meet a human named Odin who was as strong a warrior as Chalgyr had ever meet. Knowing Gillian would need time and protection in battle be recruited Odin to protect her and trained him in the arts of battle. Odin became a fierce warrior able to fight with any weapon at his disposal including his naked hands.

The training was difficult and had to be compressed into a very short window, which only added to the pressures placed on these, would be heroes. The window of opportunity was closing quickly and the time to strike was now at hand. It had to be now ready or not, the Abenara had to be stopped and now.

The first battle

The first test of the heroes metal was at hand. Bravely they strode into the fray and faced near certain death. The Abenara where unprepared for such well-trained warriors fortified with magic and strengthen by the desire to survive.

For a time the heroes appeared too have the upper hand but alas the numbers of the Aberara were too great they had been trapped with no escape route. As suddenly as hope was lost a trumpeting from the nearby mountains renewed hope for our heroes as the mountain dwarves poured forth from the surrounding mountains lead by their Queen Thalia to join the fight. The tides of battle again changed to our heroes favor and with renewed determination they pressed on to victory.

Though many of her dwarves were killed a new hero joined the fight. One who would prove to be a truly great ally and friend. This warrior’s honor would prove to be beyond reproach.

In the escape a friend to the dwarves of this region, an elf named Miraelle and a friend to Chalgyr hide the heroes in the forest allowing our tired heroes to sneak away. Chalgyr saw in the bravery of the mountain dwarves and their queen and quickly requested her to join. Seeing in Miraelle a spirit of truth and the willingness to help her friends no matter her own personal risk, she was invited as well to learn the ways of magic and to join the fight for freedom. Without hesitation she agreed.

Our heroes escaped certain death and became a little wiser as well.

Taking the battle to the Abenara

Our heroes now a little wiser began smaller raids that were better planed. These raids proved very successful in slowing the Abenara advance. Along the way more friends and heroes were brought into the fold.

The next hero meet was Psaro a mysterious drow who from the start showed incredible magical talent. He had already taught himself some dark magic and with a little mentoring could prove to be a truly awesome magi.

It was during this time that mortals from other worlds began joining the fight as well. Dragons, vampires, werekin, unicorns and more; heroes from all races steped forward to join the swelling ranks. The power that now stood against the Abenara was great and our heroes now numbers growing were ready for a larger battle. It was time to face Tanzar the leader of the Abenara. They had to take this battle to him directly. This was not an easy decision since Tanzars power was thought to be as great as all our heroes combined.

The heroes discussed many option but all seemed too dangerous. During their many raids they had learned how the Abenara collected power for themselves. Through the use of a gem called the trapped soul. They had to destroy that stone or find a way to capture it. Only then could they face Tanzar himself and hope to survive the assault.

It was during this attempt to capture this stone the heroes meet Daklore the self-proclaimed king of thieves. He had learned of this stone and its value and knew he had to posses it for himself. He offered our heroes his services in exchange for the stone. The plan was while the heroes fought Tanzar he would steal the stone thus reducing Tanzars power and leaving the window of opportunity open for his defeat.

Agreeing to this Gillian with the aid of Miraelle and Psaro conjured up a new spell. A dimensional gate to a place where life, death, and time do not exist. A place so isolated that once Tanzar was forced in he could never threaten anyone again. It was time to take out Tanzar!

The battle with Tanzar

Our heroes needed an army to face Tanzars army on the ground while they made their assault on him directly. The forces our heroes raised were of every nation, dwarves, elves, goblins, oyate, giants, dragons, gnomes, humans, trolls, orcs, and draconians all represented here fought the major army outside. All the while our heroes under Daklores’ direction snuck into the den of Tanzar.

Tanzar was a menacing sight indeed. Standing nearly 20 feet tall with sharp claws and glowing eyes. But our heroes would not be stopped. Thalia, Miraelle, and Odin knew they had to buy some time for the mages and quickly charged into battle. Gillian and Psaro stayed back casting spells to assist their friends and to slowdown Tanzar while Gremlin created the gate. With one swipe Tanzar sent Miraelle reeling and angered Thalia. Screaming “NOW YOU DID IT PIG” and running Tanzar through with her blade which now glowed with a magic no one had seen before.

The magic had come from within Thalia herself, which gave birth to a special breed of warrior. One, which was pure, and holy and posed magic to equal to her mighty brawn. We know this class of warrior today as the Paladin who wear on their crest a glowing sword in memory of Thalia’s protection of innocence as a reminder to themselves to live a life of virtue.

Chalgyr exhausted fromt his effort finally finished the gate and just in time but where was Daklore and the stone?

Moments later as hope had been lost that Daklore would not return successfully from his mission Miraelle screamed “HE DID IT! VICTORY WILL BE OURS!” and charged headlong into Tanzar, pushing him toward Chalgyr and the gate.

Chalgyr grabbed Tanzar and try, as he might in his weakened state he could not force him inside safely. Vargos the unicorn king Choosing to risk it all for our world impailed Tanzar and plunged into the gate taking Tanzar with him. Sealing his own fate as well as Tanzars. Our heroes could only stare in disbelief as the gate closed before their eyes. Their friend and ally was gone forever!

The carnage outside and the lose of their friend was more than they could stand. With the only survivor of the battle outside an Oyate named Kitayel. Each of the heroes took an oath to never allow such loses of life again and to protect our world everyday they breathe!

A new day

As the sun broke the next day the aftermath of this battle was strikingly evident. Hundreds of thousands lay dead. The battlefield turned red, stained with the blood of our world. The fields here remain blood stained to this very day a grizzly reminder of the price of freedom. Now only pockets of Abenara remained to be killed. But our world had suffered greatly under their rule and the price of freedom. That price is now well known shall hopefully be taught to each new generation so that it will never be paid again.

Our heroes perused and eliminated all the Abenara who remained. But the sacrifice of their friend and the many who died must never be forgotten. So they erected a temple and swore to protect our world against any who would do it harm.

“I swear our world shall never see this level of lose again!” swore each of our heroes.

The dancer rewarded their heroism with eternal life known as immortality. While the heroes assended into the temple where they remain this day. They will protect this land and its people from any outside threat and stand in grim reminder of the wanton destruction that some hold so dear. Those who survived shall never forget the ravage of war.

Kitayel and Daklore were also granted eternal life at the request of our heroes but they declined the immense job of immortality. Instead they requested to remain among men as a vigilant reminder that a hero can be born from the most unusual places.


For many years that followed peace was upon our lands and all the races worked toward the same goal. To rebuild what was lost was all that mattered and to put back the lives that were shattered.

Many great deeds were done during these years but alas nothing lasts forever does it? And the memories of the horrors of war were lost as each new generation lost more of the visions of the past. The turmoil that followed could not involve these heroes since it came from within.

The threat was not alien but instead petty greed and an attitude of entitlement. The common bonds that once made races work together have been lost. We pray not forever.

So our world will once more be enveloped in worldwide strife as old enemies once more turn against each other in battle. Casting aside the time when they stood as one and embraced the greater goals of freedom and comradely. The lessons of the past appear to be a distant memory and the world today is not a safe place to live.

Leaders, heroes are needed to bring order to the land. Perhaps you will be it……

The days that follow.

Kitayel writes about the day after Tanzars defeat! The scrolls and writings lots forever and her memory is all that remains of this day. Her memory is as follows:

Bodies lay leittered about.
Was this worth the price?
In my mind I ask and doubt.
Was this worth the sacrifice?

Freedom brings an awful price.
No matter what the cost.
Freedom is worth the sacrifice.
Hope never must be lost.

I will be watching and waiting until the times foretold.