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Today just something i wrote one night in my journal a poem simple and my gift to you my friend.

Shadows of the days long past, wither in the light.
The future yet unwritten is my strength, my might.
Shine it on the shadows past and watch then fade from sight.
Cower in the darkness against the mighty light.
Shadows take their strength from darkness and the night.
It can not show it face in bright days light.
Else it’s sins exposed it’s unholy blight.
It has but one purpose, upon it’s maiden flight.
It wishes to disturb my mind, which is it’s only plight.
I will not let it so, of it’s face i write.
For shadows told and dreams unfold, if only to the fight.
Fly your soul in the sun as if upon wind and kite.
Shadow has no power against this mighty knight.

-Michelle Styles May 11, 2013

On this day my son (MY KNIGHT) turned 14. He is an exceptional young man and worth of praise. He is the light when darkness swallows me whole and a big reason I cling to moral coil today. Momma is proud of her son who is fast becoming a man, a good man.