Clear black skies.
Wing takes flight.
Passing by never over.
Clear winters night.

Leaves of gold, red and green.
Hang firm to tree.
Never on the same road.
As those of thee.

Windows flicker in black light.
Curtains behind me.
Crowds cheer, angels come.
Clouds cover the sea.

Storms on the horizon.
Drawn far and near.
Angels kiss upon my lips.
Nothing left to fear.

Ships sail to the horizon.
Don’t they see the sky?
Skies rage before me.
A smile while I cry.

The tears on my face.
The rain in my tears.
Falling upon my check.
Joy, pain, hope and fear.

Black clear skies.
My ancestors fly.
Another sun has come.
Clear red sky.

Fear fades distant
Approval so near.
What is it you seek?
Answers not clear.

Why seek endlessly?
Wave crash upon dry land.
Dawn breaks over me.
Midnights hour at hand.

Wind blows over me.
Eagles cry.
Water falls over me.
Dolphins cry.

Tears shed.
Fears left behind.
A brave new world awaits.
One step at a Time.