Just me

Just me

My name is Michelle Styles and I am deaf since birth. I read lips in 3 languages and sign. I can also speak about 900 simple english wards. About a year ago I got implants so I will one day hear as others do. I am also native american Lakota.

I’ve spent the past year in 2 surgeries, and in the process of learning to filter back ground noises. I have learned to identify crickets, some birds and the ocean as well as a few additional sounds. but mostly it’s been spent learning to filter out things like the noise made by lights and other ambient sounds.

Over the next year I hope to hear and learn what words sound like so I can begin to communicate like others. I recently heard myself laugh and will soon hear my sons voice for the first time in my life. I may not understand a word but my heart will understand all I need to know.

More to come about my life. Thanks for reading.